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28 Sep 2018 Promotions

20% off of any sunglass frame with the purchase of an annual supply of contacts!

Now that the summer sun is shining above our heads and her rays of light are infiltrating the landscape, it is time to discuss how those rays of light are infiltrating your eyes. UV radiation cannot be seen or felt but it can cause short and long-term damage to our eyes. Some of the long-term effects of prolonged UV exposure include cataracts, cancer and macular degeneration.  What is worse is that our children receive up to three times more the annual sun exposure than adults.  As intimidating as the summer now seems after having read this information, there is an easy, fashionable, and convenient solution: SUNGLASSES!

Outdoor eyewear is an essential part of everyone’s eye health and can block 100% of harmful UV light.  At FocusVision, we carry many brands that make wrapped sunglasses, such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Smith and Wiley-X.  Wrapped sunglasses are curved to best cover your eyes from the sun and are sport oriented.  We also carry a large selection of fashionable non-wrapped sunglasses.

Check out our selection of children’s sunglasses too!  It is important to protect their eyes starting from a young age to prevent future eye disease and damage.  Children’s eyes are especially susceptible to UV related harm because the crystalline lenses in their eyes are more transparent to UV than those of adults.  Unlike the mature lens of an adult’s eye, a child’s lens filters out less UV rays allowing more radiation to reach the retina.

Enjoy the summer and its plethora of camping trips, soccer games, water-balloon fights, and those days of lounging on the front porch basking in the sun and enjoying the breeze.  Remember to protect your eyes as well as your family’s so that you may enjoy many summers together.  Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and the blossoming flowers, I know I am!