If you have issues with vision correction or cosmetic needs, we can assist you with contact lenses in Longmont, Colorado. FocusVision is a full-service eye care center offering contact lenses eye exams, as well as contact fittings. Find out more about what to expect when you visit our office for contacts.

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Contacts are exceptional for vision correction issues among patients who want to avoid wearing eyeglasses. They are also used cosmetically to correct eye color issues. Whether you want to wear sunglasses with your contacts, or you prefer the look of contacts rather than glasses, we are here to provide you with contact lenses.

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Different Types of Contact Lenses

Types of contacts include daily use, monthly use, or rigid nightly contact lenses. Contacts are also designed for specific vision correction needs, such as contacts for astigmatism or toric lenses. There are also contacts for multifocal needs and presbyopia. Choosing the right type of contacts depends on your vision care goals, as well as your lifestyle.

What to Expect in a Contact Lens Exam and Fitting

The first step in getting contacts is to go for an eye exam to diagnose your vision correction issues and prescription eye care. If you choose to wear contacts, our optometrists will provide you with a lens fitting in-house. We will ensure you receive the optimal type of lenses for your needs and lifestyle.

Brands Offered at FocusVision

We offer most major brands of contact lenses here at FocusVision. These include Air Optix for colored lenses and multifocal contacts, as well as Night and Day lenses. We provide Aqua Comfort Plus daily lenses and toric contacts. From Bausch + Lomb we carry Bio True, as well as Ultra for astigmatism and presbyopia. Our Biofinity contact lenses are applicable for toric and multifocal vision correction needs. We also carry daily multifocal lenses by Clarita, as well as Proclear contacts. From Acuvue, we offer Oasys two-week, daily, daily toric, and astigmatism lenses, as well as Moist Daily and Vita Monthly contacts.

How to Pick the Right Lenses for You

Whether you need daily wear or colored lenses for occasional use, we will help you choose the right lenses. This will also vary according to your vision correction needs as well, as in the case of toric and multifocal lenses. Our eye doctor will also help you decide on the right type of contacts based on your lifestyles, such as daily use for an on-the-go individual or monthly wear for someone with more advanced vision correction needs.

Why Do I Need to Start with an Eye Exam if I Already Have a Prescription?

This is a good question. Contact lenses are not like glasses. You don’t just see through them; they have to mold directly to your eye to be comfortable and effective. Thus, doctors need to take special care to ensure that they perform an eye exam that takes all the variables into account. Even if you’ve already had an eye exam for glasses, you’ll need another before you can get lenses.

What Kinds of Contact Lenses Can My Eye Doctor Provide?

Your eye doctor can offer many types of contact lenses. You may choose soft lenses or hard ones. If the latter is better for you, you might want rigid gas permeable lenses, which allow oxygen flow to the eye and are less likely to cause problems. Other options include daily wear, which you put into a contact case at night, extended wear (some are 7 days, some are 30) and disposable contacts. Your eye doctor can explain more when you meet.

Are Contact Lenses Dangerous?

Not if you follow instructions carefully. The danger from lenses comes when you don’t wash them or take them out when instructed, which allows protein and bacteria to build upon the lens. This can cause an eye infection that, if not properly dealt with, can lead to serious consequences.

Contact lenses also do not get “lost” in your eye. They can get stuck under the lid, but usually, you can take care of this yourself. If not, see your optometrist.

Where Should I Order Contact Lenses from?

You can order contact lenses from your doctor, a pharmacy or online retailers. If you do go outside your optometrist’s office, make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. You may be able to get a slightly cheaper price elsewhere, but unless you’re sure about the quality, it might not be worth it.

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